Prayer, Inner Healing, and Deliverance


    When we are wounded, spiritual issues can enter our lives. At LLJM we understand that many of the battles we face in life actually have a spiritual root stemming from a wound we have sustained. To triumph over these problems LLJM knows to take a 3 prong approach through prayer, inner healing, and deliverance. At LLJM we will have counselors to help heal your wounds and prayer warriors to pray with you and teach you how to pray! It is written in Matthew18:19 that where two or more stand in agreement, it will be done for them. Let us stand in agreement with you in prayer!

    After we have determined through prayerful consideration what wounds need healed, the important work of inner healing begins. In Matthew 12:43-45 Jesus explains that when a demon is cast out of a person if the "house" (the person) is not saved and spiritually healed, then the demon can come back and bring with it, seven more demons. Therefore, we know we must first address the "house" (you) by healing your original wounds, then fortify you through spiritual growth and maturity in Christ, before we can cast out the demons for good. This important step is essential so the same issues don't reoccur, or worsen. It is so valuable to have people in your life that God can use to heal you. At LLJM we hope as your counselors and prayer partners to be the listening ears, healing hands, and loving hearts that God uses to reach you, heal you, and make you whole.  As Christians, we overcome evil with good and our greatest weapon of spiritual warfare- is love.